Aesthetic and reparatory dental services

//Aesthetic and reparatory dental services

Aesthetic and reparatory dental services

Caries is a pathological process that occurs upon tooth growing, and it includes damaging of the hard teeth tissue, by making a whole in the tooth. Micro-organism, the composition of the saliva, bad mouth hygiene, placement and shape of the teeth leads to caries appearing.

As a consequence of the caries that was not cured, inflammation reaction of the pulp (nerve vascular system and the tooth root), that is manifested in various types, length and intensity of the pain.

The composite filling, known as a white filling, are aesthetic and functional compensations with which the front and the side teeth are repaired. With the utilization of the modern materials, we achieve appropriate aesthetics and functionality of the tooth on which we have intervened.

Regular check ups (every 3-6 months) in order to prevent caries at its beginning are extremely important. At this point the interventions are painless, and not unpleasant for the patient, and the danger that the pulp is already damaged or to have it damaged during the intervention is almost non-existing.

In case of mayor damaging of the tooth crown, or lack of aesthetics of the tooth and its functionality, we are placing prosthesis.

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