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Dental tourism

Dental tourism is a good way of resolving your dental problems, at very attractive prices. The dental services worldwide, are more expensive in comparison to ones offered in Serbia , which is a beautiful country, often compared with Tuscany, Italy. We have colorful nature, delicious food and friendly people. Dental tourism is just one more layer to the cake, where you can save your money on dental care, plus have an excellent holiday experience.

Let’s us illustrate: repair and extraction of a tooth in Serbia is around 10 EUR, prosthetics is 50 EUR per tooth. These services are five to ten times higher then then the ones offered in the European Union.

If you are traveling to Nish with your own transport, we can book you a room in the hotel of your preference and budget, near our dental office, which has its own parking. After your overnight stay and the dental interventions, which can last several days or more, we can arrange a guided tour of the city and its surrounding, via our network of professional guides.

If you are traveling by air from Belgrade or Sofia, we can organize taxi transport from the airport to the hotel and back. Nish has become center for low cost airplane companies: Wizz Air and Rian Air have flights to Nish from Basel (Switzerland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Milan (Italy),   Malmö (Sweden), Eindhoven (Holland) and Dortmund, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Memmingen (Germany). Also, Germania Flug and SWISS have flights from Zürich, and soon there will be flights from Stockholm. So, with many options for the inbound and outbound flight to Nish, make your trip affordable and easy to arrange.

You can contact us over phone or e-mail, explain your dental problem and we will schedule the appointment accommodating your needs. If you have to show us your x-ray and other supporting documents for the particular intervention, you can e-mail us a scanned version or you can send it via regular mail to our address, 18000 Niš, TPC Dušanov bazar, Kula, 2.sprat. lok.213. Upon receiving and analyzing it, we can give you precise estimate on the length of the procedure you need to undertake, as well as the expenses included in it. When you arrive in Nish and complte the necessary dental intervention, you will receive a receipt, with which you can reimburse services from your medical insurance.

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