Parodontopathy is illness that attacks the support teeth apparatus, the tissues where the teeth roots are placed and that fix the teeth in the jaw. The illness is progressive, destructive and leads towards final loss of one or more teeth, as the prevention of the teeth falling down in the later stage of the illness is impossible.

Because of this, it is extremely important to have teeth prevention in place and to have regular visit to the dentist, in order to have the illness detected on time and slower down its development.

The dental plaque is the plaque that is accumulated on the teeth. Apart from the fact that it is an aesthetic problem, the plaque is the main reason of parodontopathy appearing. It is manifested with inflammation and bleeding of the teeth palate, tingling, pain on cold and when chewing, swinging of the tooth, moving and spreading of the teeth, and finally they start to fall down. All this is followed by unpleasant breath odor.

This is the reason why it is very important to remove dental plaque. Therapy has several phases. First we eliminate causes of inflammation by tooth polishing and plaque removal, after which we educate and motivate our patients to maintain proper mouth hygiene and we monitor results with regular dental controls.

Removal of dental plaque is done by ultrasonic device, and procedure is painless since vibrations from the device do the removal.

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